7 Brand New Ways to Enhance UX and Amplify Your Brand Experience

In today’s internet based consumer market place, websites can be a game changing factor for your business. Consumers gauge and learn about a brand by visiting a website. By incorporating the latest UX Design tips you can ensure an excellent brand experience for your customers.

So, if your website feels sloppy, passive, unresponsive and archaic, that is how people will perceive your brand.

But if your website is sleek, modern and user friendly. Voila, your brand has made a tiny space in the heart’s of the consumers.

Yes, you still need to make effort in increasing the dimensions of the tiny space you’ve made in your consumer’s hearts. And we will guide you through the process.

1. Use of White Space

White space tends to de-clutter the layout as it follows the “less is more” trend. Thus, it works well in highlighting the specific points we wish to focus on.

Plus it projects an open, fresh and modern feel and if these values coincide with your overall Brand Personality, it’s an added bonus.

According to CrazyEgg,

2. Page Loading Time

One of the most frustrating things is when a user has to wait patiently for a web page to load.


With the growing number of mobile users, people tend to access content through their smart phones and 64% of smart phone users expect pages to load in less than 4 seconds.

Now in order to resolve this issue, the first step would be to check the page loading speed of your website with Google’s free Page Speed tool. It not only offers you a complete analysis of your website but also provides you the perfect solution to solve the issues that have been highlighted via the analysis.

After you have resolved these issues and you wish to improve upon your Page Loading speeds, skeleton screens are a wonderful way to improve it.

Bounce rates are significantly reduced by employing skeleton screens. They create visual anticipation in consumers by loading the page in stages moving from simple to complicated.

You do not need to go overboard with the animation, just a simple and subtle movement is sufficient. Now, enticing and action oriented copy for the CTA is crucial too.


You can create a sense of urgency by a limited time offer or even by using a simple timer to use the CTA.

You can use compelling copy to connect with the user on an emotional level. Like,


5. Using Images


Visual content has gained an edge over textual content in the past decade with an alarming rate.

Owing to this fact, you need to integrate images on your website. But, use them with a little forethought and purpose, not just for the sake of breaking the monotony of textual content or to fill up space.

Having said that, stock photographs are a huge No-No. People these days are smart enough to identify the difference between a stock image and a real one.

Therefore, you need to use real images in order to build trust with your consumers.


According to a study conducted by Harrington Movers saw an increase of 45% in their conversions when they replaced the stock images at the website with real ones.


There are great free stock image websites which provide high quality images but you need to decide if they will work for your business or not.

6. Using Videos

We have already explained in our earlier post, the importance of videos in skyrocketing your ecommerce sales.

Videos enable you to build trust and ease the consumer in his buying journey by providing authenticity to your claims as the best possible solution to his problem.

They also serve to entertain the consumers which in turn, builds brand loyalty and following.

7. Mobile friendly and responsive

Responsive web design enables your website to adapt according to the consumer’s device.

They may be using their mobile phones, ipads,iphones or tablets. The user experience will remain the same.

With the staggering growth of mobile users all around the world (Currently there are more mobile phones than people on the earth), one need to make sure of the fact that your website is responsive.

Plus, let’s not forget that Google is now penalizing websites who are not mobile friendly.


Wrapping it up, be a devil’s advocate and scrutinize your website as if it was your competitor’s and find out what’s causing users to bounce away quickly or how can you improve upon your current website to boost more conversions.

Critiquing your own work is difficult so you may want to approach a consulting agency which could provide you on the possible failings of your website and how to improve upon it. Either way, do not ignore it, as websites are considered as your first digital impressions and you don’t want to ruin it.

Tell us in comments which of these strategies you plan to incorporate to enhance the user experience of your customers.

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