Mukaadam's Organic
Branding & Communication Design
Our Role
Art Direction, Graphic Design

Mukaadam’s Organic is a family-owned business that aims to provide 100% Pure, Natural, & Preservative Free Products. They launched their brand in early 2021 and started by selling pure, delicious, sugar & preservative-free nut butter. We created the logo design for Mukaadams Organic. Then also designed the packaging for their entire range of nut butter.

We started the design process by composing the brand tagline. The tagline “From Soil to the Soul” encapsulates the brand’s values perfectly. Mukaadam’s Organic believes in producing organic products (grown with natural fertilizers) that enrich your soul; because they do not add any artificial flavors or additives. 

We aimed to showcase the same idea in the logo design; by using abstract elements & colors. For example, the semi-circles not only signify the initials of the brand name, Mukaadam’s Organic. But they also depict the soil from where we obtain the raw materials. The leaves represent nurtured & healthy plants, while the fork & knife indicate ready-to-eat foods. The design reflects how the goodness of the soil is retained & preserved & brought to your homes in the form of pure & natural products, without any contamination by Mukaadam’s Organic. 

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