Social Media Marketing & Management - LÄTTLIV PAKISTAN

LÄTTLIV is a Scandinavian concept brand, offering Fashion & lifestyle products at amazingly affordable prices. CENTERSPREAD was tasked with their Social Media Marketing & Management.

We devised the campaign of “Break the Myth”; where the brand would be defying myths, associated with Retail Shopping experience in the Pakistani Market. They boasted about bringing forth Retail Evolution, with their high quality products at affordable prices. Therefore, the campaign aligned perfectly with the brand’s values & ethos.

We designed colorful and bright posters. We developed several page campaign ads to attract the audience. Besides that Fashion & Lifestyle Tips section was created, which is widely popular among their fans.

We have suggested other avenues of collaborative marketing as well to increase the brand’s exposure. By focusing on Brand Mentions and leveraging them has helped to increase the brand’s reach.

LÄTTLIV Pakistan
Social Media Marketing & Management
Our Role
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Content Writing

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