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The core competency of CENTERSPREAD lies in its ability to design and drive communications for our clients that help them achieve their advertising goals effectively.

We design communication mediums for brands based our 4 Pillar model of Creativity:
- Persuasive ? Un-ignorable ? Relevant ? Rememberable

If the communication strategy and designs are based on this model, there is absolutely no doubt that it will hit bull?s-eye EVERYTIME!!Our working style is different, we are simply non-traditional. Therefore we are able to think differently and thereby provide ideas which are Genuine, Creative and Targeted.

The literal thinking can kill good communication. Why is it so? When your potential customer sees 50 messages from 50 similar products that are very good, and usually they are good because of the same reason (USP), the customer is confused, he doesn?t really know what to choose. This is where CENTERSPREAD work-out to avoid the common points, build a communication strategy that places your product on top of the mind of your customers. This helps our client to:

? Achieve greater ROI on its products.
? Focus on its core competencies.
? Grow and expand rapidly.

At the heart of any advertising agency lies its ability to generate BIG IDEAS that can produce amazing media campaigns, especially for TVCs.

We at CENTERSPREAD are young and striving hard to produce quality video productions. This is our core business value as we work towards our vision of elevating the standards of advertising.

Keeping ourselves small and our overheads low, we can produce outstanding TV ads for budgets that bigger companies can’t even approach. With animpressive roster of directors for TV commercials and high end corporate video, whatever your budget, contact us now for all your TV advertising, and video production needs. Our services cover from concept to screen. CENTERSPREAD can develop new concepts and ideas, script, talent cast, shoot and post production at great prices, we also have expert TV media buyers/planners to find the best spread of channels and get the best return on your TV advertising budget.

CENTERSPREAD is privileged to have in-house studio facility with equipped with latest technology music and sound production instruments and equipment. With that, we have got industry?s best musicians working for us. CENTERSPREADoffers a broad range of professional music production services to record companies, individual artists and media clients.

We have a network of composers, songwriters and arrangers.

To fully realize a creative vision an artist?s focus must be on the music and the performance, not the project management and sound engineering.

CENTERSPREAD?s in-house music producer XaibPirzada has a wealth of experience helping artists and brands achieve their best performance in recording studio.

Another forte of CENTERSPREAD is that is possesses a great Animation and Post Production studio with an amazingly skilled team. CENTERSPREAD?s team is passionate about creating stunning, high-end VFX for TVCs, Corporate Videos, Product Demos, Films and documentaries.

We are addicted to Aftereffects, Premier, CutPro, ZBrush, Maya and 3D Max. Period!

CENTERSPREAD takes pride for having a team of industry?s best Web designers and developers who have in-depth knowledge of web trends. We know whether you need a flat design or realistic one. So we are not just designers and developers, we are WEB CONSULTANTS and we work primarily on WordPress because it helps us EMPOWER YOU!

We use lines, colors, textures, words (including quotes!), images and illustrations, poetry and ancient literature, foods, flavors and fashion, politics, psychology, current events? Everything feeds into our process, because we never know where or when inspiration will hit. CENTERSPREAD doesn?t design according to trends, but based on what you need, or what your company needs.

If you hire CENTERSPREAD, it will not be because you want rounded corners and shiny buttons on your website (though we will do it if the situation warrants), or because someone across the pond did their logo in a certain way. You will do it because you want enduring, strong design that reflects your ethos, not everyone else?s.

CENTERSPREAD has professional and industry?s experienced architects working on its panel. This makes us the most complete, creative, energetic, adaptable and one-stop solutions firm. Our architects approach the brief differently from any other architectural firm which typically have a principal architect laying the groundwork and then pass the pieces down to junior members of the staff and interns.

CENTERSPREAD strives to have a skilled team involved in a project from its inception to completion. This helps us maximize individual architects? strengths. Giving clients many minds for the price of one!