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A Vlog or Video Blog is a blog that contains video content. Vlogging has been going around for quite some years but in recent times, it has gained popularity in blogosphere and become a quickly growing segment as well.

Vlogs differ from mainstream media as it is a very democratic arena. It allows people to express their opinions no matter how controversial or esoteric their topic may be. Accessibility to cheaper software and hardware for making good quality videos has also contributed to the popularity of Vlogging.

In a BBC News article called “The year of the digital citizen,” Jo Twist discusses the potential of vlogging and podcasting to provide a venue for public discourse: “The changing nature of news offers a diversity of voices, sources, and choice… and let’s anyone join in global and local conversations.”

How to start vlogging:

  • First & foremost is choosing an appropriate name for your channel, which is memorable, unique and concise. It should depict your brand effectively and should be easy to remember.
  • After starting your own channel, you need to choose a specific vlogging style. Then start your vlogging with a core purpose. Create interesting and fun vlogs to attract and engage visitors. Post on a regular basis, as consistency will be pertinent in gaining subscribers.
  • Some key tips to keep in mind while making video is the direction of light, background, noise in the environment and good internet connection. Light should always be facing you rather than your back, ensure the background is neat and clean, avoid making videos in noisy places, make sure you have a good 3G/4G connection so that the process goes smoothly.


  • Connect and interact with other vloggers. Meet and greet them. Give shoutouts to fellow YouTubers to form a strong bond with them.
  • Build a strong relationship with your subscribers by welcoming them. Engage with their comments to ensure maximum engagement.
  • Include famous Brands in your vlogs. Mention your favorite products, places and eatables in your vlogs to connect with your audience. This allows people to relate with you more.
  • Apart from that while uploading Videos, make sure to sue the most appropriate keywords in your title and description in order for your video to be ranked higher in searches. Besides this, choosing a suitable thumbnail is also important. You can learn few SEO tips regarding Video Optimization which will help you rank your videos better and more often.

Benefits of Vlogging:

Vlogging is not just a means to express yourself but it also offers some real time benefits which are worth taking account of:

1. Online Career:

Vlogging can be a lucrative online career; but like any other career option, it too requires, hustle, energy and a lot of time. So, you need to begin vlogging as a side hustle in the beginning in order to gain balance your finances. If you wish to become a successful vlogger, you need to have passion about it. As your passion will be crucial in overcoming the disappointment and hours this profession brings with it.

2. Helps to Build Confidence:

Public Speaking is a task which most people are afraid of; but one of the biggest perks of Vlogging is that it allows you to overcome this fear with time and practice. You can start off by doing vlogs on your own where nobody is around you. And as you slowly gain confidence, you can start doing vlogs in public. The feeling of being watched or standing out in a crowd is quite scary at first but you can slowly overcome this as you keep up vlogging. With each video upload, your confidence levels will spike and there will no hesitancy to express yourself in crowds or when you are alone.

 3. Can make you an Internet Celebrity:

Vloggers have slowly gained the status of internet celebrities as their popularity grows and their appearance become frequent. People find these celebrities more accessible as compared to our mainstream media celebrities and therefor relate more with them. For example, BB ki Vines earns over 1 Billion INR with his YouTube channel excluding his endorsements and other earnings. This makes him more paid than any other mainstream celebrity. So, vlogging can be your way to fame and fortune.

 4. Helps to Reduce Anxiety:

In this age where we see ourselves being thrown into a rat race, our mind is cluttered and there is a lot of chaos and negativity. Vlogging is an amazing way to reduce this stress and anxiety we have accommodated in our lives as it keeps us occupied and diverts our minds in creative endeavors. Darren Rowse said in a podcast episode that “Action is a risk, so it’s usually going to be accompanied with some fear, and that’s normal, it’s a sign that you’re doing something.”

 5. Vlogs are more Interactive & Descriptive:

Video blogs prove to be more interactive than written blogs. The reason being that a human face adds value to the audience and enables them to develop trust quickly. Video blogs are very good for tutorials as people tend to follow instructions better when they actually see them in action rather than following a written document. They also allow you to point out nitty gritties of the process which is not possible during writing.

Famous Vloggers in Pakistan

Pakistan has seen a notable rise in the number of vloggers who have gained popularity through their unique perspective and content which sets them apart and results in massive following. Some of them are listed below for inspiration:

1. Tamoor Pardasi


A Pakistani YouTuber with over 229K following. He is providing immense value to his visitors by sharing tips, tactics and guides to monetize social media platforms and benefit from them thoroughly.


2. Xeethcare




Zaryab Khan is a young vlogger who has gained a very loyal following from YouTube. He has gained popularity by displaying unbiased reviews about mobile phones. He is a regular uploader as well. Youtube awarded him the silver button for getting 100K subscribers quickly.


3. Asad Ali




Asad Ali also runs a Tech News channel which provides information and reviews about products. He has gained enough popularity to catch the eye of the mainstream media as well.


4. P4Pakao



The owner of the channel Nadir Ali has been doing an amazing job by creating pranks. He has over 738K subscribers which prove that his content is good and refreshing. Starting out from Facebook and then moving on to YouTube. Nadir Ali is now a household name for Pakistanis, as his videos are entertaining and make you laugh hard.



5. Muni Sanchez


Muni Sanchez is doing an amazing job which is proved by her long list of loyal subscribers which is almost 245K. She has uploaded makeup tutorials which are really thorough and provide tons of value. The YouTube beauty ecosystem has grown tremendously over the years, reaching over 700 million monthly YouTube beauty video views. Brands are investing in Influencer marketing by signing up Beauty Vloggers in order to reach the masses quickly and effectively.

6. Taimoor Salahuddin



Taimoor aka Mooroo is our hot favorite as he has gained popularity with his unique and fresh content. He has created amazing characters and some really noteworthy stories. His vlogs are really creative as they touch topics from the daily life and his unique perspective makes it appealing and interesting. He is one man army running the show himself by writing, directing and acting. Not only this, he loves to play the guitar and has sung a few numbers which are catchy and upbeat.


Wrapping it up, Vlogging has a lot to offer if you decide to venture upon this journey. But like any other profession, it needs to be taken seriously and pursued with the utmost dedication and determination. As only then you will be able to create a mark for yourself.


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