Print & Packaging

Packaging for Zaiqa Foods-Desserts

CENTERSPREAD created Packaging Designs for Zaiqa desserts.


Packaging for Ouma

CENTERSPREAD created packaging designs for Ouma's Crispy Coconut Rolls.


Packaging for Brewster

CENTERSPREAD created fun and playful packaging designs for Brewster's dog food.

Packaging for Tooba Sauces

CENTERSPREAD was tasked to create packaging designs for Tooba Sauces.


Packaging for Biorita

CENTERSPREAD was tasked to develop packaging designs for Biorita Shampoos.

Packaging for Vibgyor Culinary Solutions

CENTERSPREAD was tasked to rebrand and develop packaging designs for Vibgyor Culinary Solutions.

Packaging for COCO-Salted Fish Skin

CENTERSPREAD was tasked to create Packaging Design for COCO-Salted Fish Skin.


OOH Advertising for Tux Premium Tissues

CENTERSPREAD devised launch campaign for TUX-Premium Tissues.

Brochure Design for Elegant Towers

CENTERSPREAD created brochure designs for Elegant Towers.


Kumari Hair

A startup which aimed to solve hair problems for the female population.


Packaging for Zaika Foods

Centerspread was challenged to redefine the prior positioning of the products besides giving them a new look.

Packaging for Absolutely Bananas

Centerspread was given the opportunity to design a unique form of label for introducing this unique product in the Australian Market.


Packaging for Myer Jell

With these packaging labels, we were briefed to depict this simple product into a value providing, high end one.


Packaging for Svelte Men

Clean, minimalistic and sleek packaging labels reflective of the brand’s overall personality

Print Ads for Amreli Steels

Conceptual and creative print ads were devised in order to portray the core USP’s of their product.


Print Ads for Novartis

Illustrations created with visual manipulation in order to depict the core USP’s of the product