Client + Ad Agency” - ISKO DEKHNA ZARURI HAI

The relationship between client and an Ad agency has been explored previously by many. As it is a delicate & volatile relationship. Here is our attempt to highlight what is felt by many in Indo-Pak Advertising Industry! Ladies & Gentlemen, presenting!!!

"Client + Ad Agency" - ISKO DEKHNA ZARURI HAI

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Why CENTERSPREAD as your digital marketing firm?

We’ve made careers out of helping businesses, large and small, achieve marketing success. You will get unbiased advice, insider perspectives & expert counsel by tapping  into our knowledge & experience.

We serve as your brand champions. We believe in creating a partnership with you to uphold your brand image, ensure message consistency, and drive business growth. We always look out for your best interests. This enables you to make informed marketing decisions that reach and resonate with your target audiences.

We allow you to concentrate on what you know best i.e. running your business, managing employees, and taking care of customers. We keep a select client list to ensure that we are able to entertain you the way you deserve & provide the best possible services you hope to gain from an Advertising Agency.

CENTERSPREAD-TVC and Film Productions

Centerspread has offered solutions to clients pertaining to their communication objectives. We believe in creating TVCs which resonate, educate & attract generations of consumers for our clients. We aim to simply make a difference in the marketing world by our innovative & creative ideas.

CENTERSPREAD - Advertising Agency Services Video

A full service advertising agency will allow you to reduce your worries pertaining to the marketing aspect of your business. Providing 360’ marketing solutions which are creative, strategic & planned will help you scale your business and reach your target audience more quickly.

Advertising agency services include packaging design, communication design, website design & development, Digital Marketing, Animation & post production.  Digital marketing is again a very wide area covering Search Engine Optimization & Marketing, Social media Marketing & Management.

CENTERSPREAD - Communication Design Showreel

Effective communication design is crucial for any product or service to attract its targeted audience.

- The communication needs to be engaging and urge the consumers to take an action.
- It needs to have an identity and the ability to stand out of the clutter.
- It needs to be relevant & self-explanatory.
- It educates them & provides valuable information which they can retain easily.
- It allows consumers to connect with the brand and interact with them.
- Packaging Design, Magazine designs, Creative Print Ads, Brochures, flyers & POS material fall in this category.