SEO quest: Discover Broken Links on Wikipedia



Broken Links:

A broken link is a dead link. It is no longer functioning for the webpage it is associated with.

Now broken links are a nuisance for website owners but they can be treasure mines for backlinking opportunities. They are pretty powerful and scalable and you don’t have to worry about them belonging to the Black Hat SEO.

You are right; it’s completely White Hat SEO. So, Google no need to get alerted.

How to find broken links on Wikipedia:

Now the question is how to find these broken links, well we are going to help you get them with some really easy breezy ways.

PS: The really interesting part is that we are going to use Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is an awesome source for broken links. The editing system of Wikipedia does not dispose of dead links. Rather it keeps them in the reference section by adding a little footnote indicating that the link is dead.


In order to locate these links, simply type in the following search string


Then choose the thread you wish to view


Now, press ctrl+f to search for dead links on the page


And Voila you have your list of dead links:


Wikipedia even has a list of articles containing broken links. Don’t believe me, see for yourself.


Wrapping it up, broken links are a wonderful resource to be explored for the purpose of backlinking. Wikipedia offers a wide range of it. There are other potential methods as well. Such as using resource list to locate broken links and focusing on local opportunities.

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