Why is Rapid Development of Design Trends keeping your Website Designers on their Toes?


Nature allows only the survival of the fittest and so does the world of business. The advent of digitalization of marketing, sales and product promotion has led to an increase in the number of the web designers, developers, digital marketers, and strategists. With time, the development and design trends have experienced advancement along with the launch of innovative and creative techniques. The businessmen and their team are inclined to use these rapidly developing design trends to mark their online presence and make a strong and positive impact on the sales.

Every field that involves the digital services and trends keep the professionals at their toes. Website designing whether you use the Magento development services to develop an e-commerce website or develop an informational website using the other latest trends requires individuals who have an up to date knowledge on the trends that are flourishing in the present year. This keeps the web designers on their toes and the websites running!

But, what if the designer does not follow the latest web trends? Well, moving with the rapidly developing design trends brings boons and benefits that help the business company increase their sales. And who doesn’t want that? Moving parallel to the changing trends helps in the following way:

1. Offers an attractive and responsive website design

If you view the latest website designs for the year 2018, you’ll see that most of them are related to enhancing the look of the overall website. From the bold text usage to the cool typography elements, broken grid layout, geometric shapes and patterns, and the trend of overlapping text and images, saturated gradients, and kinetic texts; everything revolves around making the website visually stimulating. Why is it important? Well, the different study stats give away the reasons why the designers need to add these latest elements in their web designs. According to Northumbria and Sheffield Universities, 94% of the first impression of the website on the users is related to the design and also Adobe says that around 38% of the users stop engaging with the website if they don’t find the layout appealing. And that’s not it! The University of Surrey found out that 75% of the user’s judgment about the business’s credibility depends on the website design. With so many evidence and proofs, the website designers are compelled to beat their competitors by following the latest web designs.

2. It facilitates the shift to mobile-first design


As all the designers and the top e-commerce platforms like the Magento e-commerce developers and others know that the mobile-first experience is now the main thing, every web design trend that facilitates this trend is hunted down and used by the designers. Vendasta stated in their study that 61% of the users develop a good opinion regarding a business if their website delivers a positive mobile experience. Thus, the web designers make sure that go through all the relevant mobile experience development trends and implement them to their websites.

The videos and other visual content are favored as the viewers now prefer to learn about the products using their mobile phones by watching the videos. Also, the e-commerce has taken a swing and shopping experience via mobile has doubled in the past two years.

3. Makes it easy to create an identity in the market

There is no doubt that a better web design helps the designers create a unique identity of the brand in the market. Whether it is an illustration, a completely visually explanatory web designs or the animations and the interactions; every web design is making a huge splash in the following year. The website pages are becoming dynamic and viewers are loving it! The particle background, transitions, CSS animations and what not. The designers are on their toes to learn every possible way which can give their website an exquisite look and imprint its image in the eyes of the viewers. Such highlighting web design trends make the brand popular in the global market.

4. Latest trends offer a website with amazing UX

The user experience of the website is built with good speed, clear call-to-action, and evident statement, easy navigations, composed about us page, and nice categorization of the products. Offer a beautiful design that facilitates all these elements and sees how well you’ll do with your website. According to VisionCritical, by 2020 the customer experience will be the most significant branding feature exceeding both the price and the product. With such clear indications for improving the UX, the web designers work hard to offer the best to the viewers.

5. Applying SEO becomes easy

A good website design with the integration of the latest design and changing developing trends makes the website more suitable for search engine optimization. The things that allow this to happen include fast loading speed of the website and the attractive and compelling design. The web designers make changes that help in reducing the bounce rates and improve the website usability and social sharing. Both these things help the website score well in the search results.


Redefine the new normal for the upcoming websites with the latest design trends in the market. These design trends are definitely launched after keeping in consideration the demand and their impact on the businesses. Though they keep the website designers on their toes, they facilitate them in enhancing their client’s business a lot.


Junaid Ali Qureshi:Author-Info

He is leader/representative/frontrunner of an expert magento development team and an experienced digital marketing specialist dedicated to develop intuitive, well crafted, smart websites having blistering opening on search engine(s) making time and money worthwhile. His current ventures include magentodevelopers.online ,Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.



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