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11 May 2018

Why is Rapid Development of Design Trends keeping your Website Designers on their Toes?

Nature allows only the survival of the fittest and so does the world of business. The advent of digitalization of marketing, sales and product promotion has led to an increase in the number of the web designers, developers, digital marketers, and strategists. With time, the development and design trends have experienced advancement along with the launch of innovative and creative techniques. The businessmen and their team are inclined to use these rapidly developing design trends to mark their online presence […]

12 Dec 2017

Discover Tips, Tactics and Secrets from pros to Master the Art of Vlogging

Vlog A Vlog or Video Blog is a blog that contains video content. Vlogging has been going around for quite some years but in recent times, it has gained popularity in blogosphere and become a quickly growing segment as well. Vlogs differ from mainstream media as it is a very democratic arena. It allows people to express their opinions no matter how controversial or esoteric their topic may be. Accessibility to cheaper software and hardware for making good quality videos […]

21 Nov 2017

8 Best (& FREE) Plugins for WordPress Website

WordPress Plugins are great at adding and extending the functionality of WordPress. Although WordPress is a great Content Managing System, it has certain limitations which can be filled by installing plugins. Now, the big question is that there are 47000+ plugins available in the WordPress repository for you to install. There are several plugins available for optimizing and enhancing each feature. But you need to pick the best plugin which is appropriate for your website. As different websites have different […]

30 Oct 2017

7 Brand New Ways to Enhance UX and Amplify Your Brand Experience

In today’s internet based consumer market place, websites can be a game changing factor for your business. Consumers gauge and learn about a brand by visiting a website. So, if your website feels sloppy, passive, unresponsive and archaic, that is how people will perceive your brand. But if your website is sleek, modern and user friendly. Voila, your brand has made a tiny space in the heart’s of the consumers. Yes, you still need to make effort in increasing the […]

27 Oct 2017

Discover Unique SEO Tips for Video Optimization: Avoid Getting Lost in the Digital Purgatory

Videos are an essential part of your online marketing strategy. And marketers around the world are leaning towards incorporating them into their respective social media plan. Now, videos have an edge when it comes to user engagement as far as text or even images are concerned. But, just making great or valuable content is not sufficient. Distributing the content and using SEO tips for video optimization is also crucial. Youtube is a pretty awesome video platform. But, it is a […]

19 Oct 2017

Discover the Power of Videos to Skyrocket your E-Commerce Sales

Videos are seen as a prominent feature, of almost every website these days. Owing to the growing appetite of visitors for them. But for an ecommerce website, they are like an invincible force whose powers need to be harnessed; in order to extend your reach to the skies. Videos can seem daunting to a newbie and appear complicated. But you just need to relax, take a deep breath and follow the steps. The power of Video Marketing: Videos have made […]

11 Oct 2017

Discover Broken Links Using Resource Lists

Broken links are hidden treasures for an SEO expert. They are the single most powerful strategy of Off Page SEO that yield amazing results and provide enormous opportunities for backlinking. Now, we all know that resource pages are authentic and reliable for two reasons. Firstly, they are meant to be informative and helpful rather than promoting a particular company or brand. Secondly, they are often created by reputable sources. Thus, backlinks derived from these pages are genuine and scalable. Let’s […]

04 Oct 2017

13 paramount steps for book marketing: Avoid them & meet your doom

Books are a uniquely portable magic. Stephen King Like every magical act, they need technique, precision, and execution to generate a standing ovation. Now, you have finished the first draft of your book, it was a long journey filled with many writer’s blocks, tons of coffee, countless plot changes, numerous place changes (yes changing places helps find inspiration & creativity). But, another long journey awaits you as you will market and get your book published. Sighing already!  No need, we […]

25 Sep 2017

SEO quest: Discover Broken Links on Wikipedia

  Broken Links: A broken link is a dead link. It is no longer functioning for the webpage it is associated with. Now broken links are a nuisance for website owners but they can be treasure mines for backlinking opportunities. They are pretty powerful and scalable and you don’t have to worry about them belonging to the Black Hat SEO. You are right; it’s completely White Hat SEO. So, Google no need to get alerted. How to find broken links […]

16 Sep 2017

Discover 5 Ways to Raise Finance for your Big Idea: Start Me Up

All big things in this world are done by people who are naïve and have an idea that is obviously impossible. Charles Hamilton You have a really great idea in your head. You can feel it in your bones about how you can convert it into the next big thing. But, then the thought of the money monster stops you from nurturing this dream of yours. Well, we know how to tackle the green monsters, bring them out and tame […]