Discover Broken Links Using Resource Lists

Broken links are hidden treasures for an SEO expert. They are the single most powerful strategy of Off Page SEO that yield amazing results and provide enormous opportunities for backlinking.

Now, we all know that resource pages are authentic and reliable for two reasons. Firstly, they are meant to be informative and helpful rather than promoting a particular company or brand. Secondly, they are often created by reputable sources. Thus, backlinks derived from these pages are genuine and scalable.

Let’s walk you through the Step by step process of discovering broken links using resource pages:

1. How to Search for Resource Pages

In order to search for relevant resource pages, you can use the following search string

Keyword + inurl:resources

Keyword + intitle:resources

Keyword + inurl:links

Keyword + intitle:links

You will notice that the no of search results varies with each string





Protip: You can optimize your search by adding site:edu to your original search string. As, backlinks from .edu tend to carry more weight than the other domains.

2.  How to narrow down your results

Now, you can chose the most authentic page by using MOZBar, a wonderful & FREE tool (paid & free versions are available) to narrow down your result. The higher the page authority, the more “link juice” it will provide to your webpage.

The MOZBar also indicates domain authority, which is an added bonus in distinguishing which domains are good and which are bad.



3. How to find Broken Links using FREE TOOLS

Now after you have chosen the thread, based on the metrics explained, you can check it for broken links using Site Crawling Tools. But, you need to make sure that whatever spider you are opting for should not hinder the overall working of the site. We suggest Screaming Frog and XENU Sleuth as great options for crawling purposes. Both are efficient in locating broken links among identifying many other problems as well. Plus, they provide reports and enable you to export the data to make future analysis as well. Pretty Awesome RIGHT!


Snapshot of Xenu Link Sleuth at work

4. How to reach out to the selected pages

After finding the broken links on your targeted resource page, you can devise a strategy to approach them. In most cases, it’s pretty simple as resource pages tend to promote sharing of content via an email or the filling of a form. But if that is not the case, then you can still approach them. With subtlety inform them of the broken link on their page and then provide valuable content of your own to replace it. And you are on your journey of creating a new relationship.

Concludingly, there is no way to sugar coat back linking. It’s tough but if you follow the steps correctly, you are all set to rock your Off Page SEO.

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