More of What You Need
None of What You Don't

CENTERSPREAD is a term derived from the roots of advertising, its print medium. CENTERSPREAD refers to the two facing pages in the center of a magazine or newspaper. Therefore, our core capabilities lie in print advertising. CENTERSPREAD also means spreading or circulating creativity right from the center. We started with Print medium and have now grown to become a Multi-dimensional creative agency offering a variety of creative services. This has enabled us to become a leading advertising and creative agency in Pakistan.

We are a locally owned, locally operated, silo-free, ego-free, creatively strategic, strategically creative, tactically agnostic, high energy, low drama, action oriented, fully integrated, full-service, and full-on independent Karachi based Digital Advertising & Web Development Agency.

It's our CREDIBILITY that makes us INCREDIBLE

Quick Turnaround Time

Agencies are often blamed for delayed response. But we pride ourselves in offering the best response time to our customers. While we are working with you, our foremost objective is to be hand-in-hand with you, which helps us to gain client’s trust and satisfaction.

Research & Analysis

We believe a job rushed is a job not worth doing. So, in light of this, we carry out a thorough research of your existing market, target audience, competitors, etc. Careful analysis and thorough research equip us to design a better and comprehensive strategy for your business

Affordable Prices with NO Surprises

Grow your business while on a budget with our affordable prices. We are a very transparent agency. When we build a proposal, we always include a full breakdown of the quotation so that you can understand the actual value of the work that you will be receiving against your payment.

Brand Consultation

We are brand builders. In lieu of that we aim to bring the latest and greatest approaches to the mix in order to ensure our clients and their brands are sharing the right story. We help brands focus on who they are and what they stand for so they are ready to cut through the clutter and discover opportunities for growth

One-Stop Marketing Shop

We offer one stop solution for all your marketing needs be it branding, websites or digital marketing.  We have a full team of skilled professionals who can help you come up with custom strategies, then implement them across every platform imaginable. 

At Your Service

Communication is key to any successful business relationship. Our client servicing team is available 24/7 on the go for you to share your problem, ask a question or get an update. You can reach out to us via phone, email, skype, whatsapp, wechat, etc.

Job Specialists

We are proud to employ some of the top specialists in the industry. When you sign us, you get a team of these experts, giving you the most bang for your buck. Plus, we’re all wildly different from each other, so chances are at least one of us has something in common with you!

ROI Focused Strategies

Our years of experience has made us aware and considerate in putting our best foot forward during the work process so our clients can get the best they deserve with all the benefits. We believe  and recommend actionable strategies which yield results that can be easily measured.

The Collective Brain of CENTERSPREAD

Our Bread & Butter

Pitching is part of the game. Don’t hold back. Think outside the brief and let the creative juices flow. Go big or go home. This attitude has helped us work with several established brands.

We have also been privileged to establish some brands and make them a household name. Working with startups has enabled us to experiment and learn new things. Most importantly it has taught us to not be afraid to lose.

Big Brands