13 paramount steps for book marketing: Avoid them & meet your doom


Books are a uniquely portable magic.

Stephen King

Like every magical act, they need technique, precision, and execution to generate a standing ovation. Now, you have finished the first draft of your book, it was a long journey filled with many writer’s blocks, tons of coffee, countless plot changes, numerous place changes (yes changing places helps find inspiration & creativity). But, another long journey awaits you as you will market and get your book published.

Sighing already!  No need, we will show you some real time tips & techniques for book marketing which will ensure that you don’t lose your footing on this new path towards success.

Book experience:

The first and foremost aspect is the book experience. Like how a person will feel when he sees your book for the first time. Or what does he perceive when he skims the summary or content of your book. Here’s how you can make sure that reader’s don’t put your book down once they get a hold of it (of course apart from a killer story & interesting content)


1.   A professionally made cover:

You don’t need an award winning cover albeit if it turns out to be, all the more awesome for you. Your cover will be the ultimate marketing pitch for your book so it should be memorable, with suitable and appropriate fonts. Plus, if you are going the self-publishing route, make sure it stands out as a thumbnail on the Amazon page.

2.   Editing:

This is the most pertinent and mostly ignored step of the entire process. Traditional publishing entails beta reading, an editorial review and then a copy edit. If you are self publishing make sure you follow all these steps too. You can even do the beta reading yourself using tools like Grammarly. But for the review, you will need to hire a professional editor, which will turn out to be a good investment. As you don’t want your name to be associated with crappy work or people hating your work due to lack of editing (worst nightmare).

3.   Formatting:

These days it’s all about designing things that are user-friendly and provide a great experience to the consumers. Consider your book as a product, you want people to take it and enjoy the content thoroughly. It will only be possible if it is formatted correctly.

Marketing your book:

The publishing house will plan a comprehensive marketing strategy for you. But if you are self-publishing, you need to take in the reins on this matter as well.

4.  Price:


For paperbacks, you need to calculate the costs per copy, add in the little amount you hope to make. You also need to play with the fonts and the layout to cut costs. If you are planning to go into retail, you need to incorporate the percentage given to shopkeepers for hosting your books.

Now for ebooks, publishing platforms are trickier. You have to decide which platforms will best suit according to your feasibility.


5.  Product:

You are satisfied that you have quality content and your product will provide value to the audience. So, now you need to learn which market is your product most suitable for? Which genre of the audience is your book going to appeal to most? Now while publishing at Amazon, you need to be aware of the Amazon keywords. There are specific words or phrases which people tend to use while searching for something on Amazon. You can use the Amazon Keyword Tool  to increase your book’s discoverability on Amazon, plus find relevant keywords which portray the content of your book effectively.

6.  Place:

If you are headed towards self publishing and you want to spend zero money then following are the best options available:


  • CreateSpace
  • Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Kobo

There is also another option available which will be hassle free but it will cost you some money. If you are interested in the big publishing platforms like Amazon, you may check out Jessica Bell’s article where she provides substantial information regarding platforms, ISBN’s, registrations etc.


You have perfectly tailored & scrutinized content, wrapped up in a beautiful and intriguing cover, all the marketing strategies laid out, now what should you do next?


You need to make noise, create awareness that you have something valuable to offer. Following are some of the ways you can create a lot of disruption, which is crucial to gain attention.

7.  Book Trailer:

The world is going digital and video is the most potent source of grabbing the audience’s attention. So, book trailers are vital. They provide the necessary insight to create maximum anticipation among the people. Some people are exploring this medium really well. Like, Ryan Holiday.

8.  Guest Posts:

We have heard this countless times that guest posting has produced awesome results in growing your own blog. Likewise, in order to promote your book and getting maximum coverage for your book, guest posting is a MUST. Now, choosing where to guest post is the game changing factor. Opt for a popular, single author owned blog or site related to your topic, as it would ensure that your voice is heard and doesn’t fade.

9.  Email Blasts:

If you have an email list, carefully nurtured with valuable and interesting content. It is time to use it to its full potential. Get them excited about your new book by providing a sneak peek into the first chapter or a book trailer. Anything which engages them and gets them talking.

10.  Network Outreach:

This is the most valuable piece of advice ever. Gather people, relatives, close friends, friends of friends and ask them individually to spread word about your book. As word of mouth is a force of nature. This is the time to reap the benefits of your networking efforts.

11.  Media Appearances:

You can use different forms of media to get maximum coverage for your book. Try to get a spot on the local radio station or reach out to people in advance who do interviews and podcasts about upcoming authors and books. There are certain E-magazines as well that can be explored to get the word around.

12.  Speaking engagements:

Many libraries/ book clubs tend to have speaking sessions where they invite new people. Hook up with them and you have an excellent opportunity to create buzz about your book.

13.  Clubs/ Societies:

There are several author clubs and societies pertaining to particular genres. You can join them and spread the word. These clubs and societies will not only offer you the opportunity to create buzz regarding your book but also provide you with numerous influential people whose references and reviews will be very meaningful & insightful for your book.

Wrapping up, passion for writing and creating awe-inspiring and thought-provoking stories is the basis for becoming an author. But if you don’t know how to distribute or how to get people to read your books then you will not get the desired recognition or sales. Markets are saturated with all kinds of books, making a space for yourself and ensuring that your voice is distinct and grabs the attention of the people, you need to do it the right way.

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